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Response Journal: Throughout the term, you will keep a response journal (during class, sometimes out-of-class.) Responses will be to readings, to questions, to peer reviews, and to your Writing Center visits and paper conference, etc. You’ll have opportunities to experiment and to brainstorm in this journal, and you are welcome to include pictures, images, graphs, story maps, etc. One main question will have to do with how people decide on careers and choose classes and programs to meet those goals. The journals you write will be public, and you’ll share them with classmates and with me. Develop your journals according to a sense of your audience. These will be evaluated twice during the term.

Education/Learning Narrative Paper:

Guide to Student Services Research: You will collaborate to gather your primary research about campus services, facilities, and environments. Once you’ve gathered your research, you will write your own paper introducing and analyzing the service on campus. Finally, you will present your research (collaboratively) to the entire class.

Critical Response to Selected Readings: I will provide the class with a series of readings related to a single issue. You will use those readings to compose a paper that summarizes and analyzes the positions and arguments in those readings. After an analysis of the readings, you will choose one side in the issue and compose your own argument supporting one side.

Final Portfolio: Your final portfolio will include your first essay, all steps and stages from brainstorming to final revision, a reflective cover letter, and selected short pieces. You will put your portfolio on Moodle at the end of the semester.

Voluntary Research-Assisted Placement Essay: If you are requesting placement into WRT 160, you will include this essay as part of your portfolio. It will be due in hardcopy, with supporting documents, at some point before the portfolio is due.




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