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Week 1
Thursday, September 6: introduction to WRT 102 syllabus and assignments; first in-class journal assignment; first Moodle forum. Read pages v(introduction)-16 in Grizz Writes and pages 1-21 in Praxis

Week 2
Tuesday, September 11: required first-week writing response
Thursday, September 13: Education/Learning Narrative Assigned. What is rhetoric? In-Class Advertising Assignment. Read: essays assigned in Moodle. Write a response to these readings in your response journal using the questions posted in Moodle. Brainstorm paper topics in Moodle.

Week 3
Tuesday, September 18: In-class drafting of Education/Learning Narratives; Read pages 53-64 in Grizz Writes (Peer Review).
Thursday, September 20: Peer Review of Education/Learning Narratives. Discuss peer review and revision in response journal. Read pages 145-157 in Praxis.

Week 4
Tuesday, September 25: In-class discussion of revision.
Thursday, September 27: Education/Learning Narratives Due. In-Class reflection on Education/Learning Narrative. Read pages 73-81 in Grizz Writes); Write a response to this chapter in your response journal using the questions posted in Moodle.

Week 5
Tuesday, October 2: Begin Student Services Research Projects
Thursday, October 4: Ongoing research into Student Services Projects. Respond to the questions posted in Moodle about your research project and paper. Begin drafting. Read pages 109-114 in Praxis.

Week 6
Tuesday, October 9: In-class drafting of Research Papers; Drafts posted to Moodle
Thursday, October 11: Group Paper Conferences. Moodle peer review for Student Services Research Papers.

Week 7
Tuesday, October 16: Response journals due. Begin Critical Reading Response Paper; examining sources
Thursday, October 18: Student Services Research Papers Due. In-class composition of reflection on Student Services Research Paper. Continuation of source analysis and discussion; Read pages 33-58 in Praxis. Write a summary and response for your response journal.

Week 8
Tuesday, October 23: (mid-term evaluations are posted): Summarizing Sources
Thursday, October 25: Analyzing Sources; write summaries and responses to two sources and bring them to class for a peer review on Tuesday. Read pages 73-88 in Praxis.

Week 9
Tuesday, October 30: Peer review of source summaries and responses; analyzing Sources continued; paper drafting.
Thursday, November 1: addressing arguments; in-class Critical Reading Response Paper drafting day. Peer Review in Moodle. Read pages 88-98 in Praxis. Have a draft of your paper posted to Moodle by Sunday at noon; read and respond to the papers of your group members.

Week 10
Tuesday, November 6: (last day to withdraw from a course): Paper Conferences
Thursday, November 8: Paper Conference; Revise your paper and bring two copies of it to class on Tuesday. Read pages 88-98 in Praxis.

Week 11
Tuesday, November 13: in-class peer review; sources for optional research-assisted placement essay. Read pages 98-103 in Praxis.
Thursday, November 15: ONLINE CLASS; Begin writing portfolio reflection.

Week 12
Tuesday, November 20: Critical Reading Response Paper due; compose paper reflection in class.
Thursday, November 22: No Class, Thanksgiving Break

Week 13
Tuesday, November 27: Begin Portfolio Reflection; in-class reflection on first-week essay.
Thursday, November 29: Response Journals Due.

Week 14
Tuesday, December 4: In-Class Work and Conference Day.
Thursday, December 6: Last Class of the Semester; Student Services Research Presentations; Portfolios and optional research-assisted placement essays due.



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