Week 1
Monday, January 15
  MLK Day

Wednesday, January 17 Intro to Course

Friday, January 19 Researching the Humanities

Week 2
Monday, January 22 Discovery Drafting

Wednesday, January 24 Documenting sources & preliminary drafting

Friday, January 26 Peer review I

Week 3
Monday, January 29 Group Peer Review

Wednesday, January 31 Copyediting

Friday, February 2 Paper 1, Process Draft due--researching Psychology

Week 4
Monday, February 5 Discovery Drafting

Wednesday, February 7  Drafting

Friday, February 9 conducting an interview and APA style

Week 5
Monday, February 12 group peer review

Wednesday, February 14 peer review II

Friday, February 16  copyediting

Week 6
Monday, February 19 Researching Sociology

Wednesday, February 21 researching Sociology

Friday, February 23 drafting, Paper II, Process Draft due...over the weekend, read "The Social Sciences: A Focus on the Family" in our text book. You only need to read one of the three chapters in this section of the book, so pick the one that you think will help you with researching and writing your own paper.

Week 7
Conferences & Drafting
Monday, February 26 Drafting day

Wednesday, February 28 drafting day

Friday, March 2 No class, library day

Week 8
Monday, March 5 Talking about Project 4, putting your work out there

Wednesday, March 7 More about project 4, & bring 5 copies of your paper 3 (with
questions for peer readers) to class.

Friday, March 9  Paper workshopping

Week 9

Week 10
Monday, March 19 paper workshopping

Wednesday, March 21 begin Unit 4 (zines or web page journals)

Friday, March 23 drafting project 4...I posted an exercise under Nicenet "Documents," titled "Zine stuff" to help you flex those creative muscles.

Week 11
Monday, March 26 drafting day

Wednesday, March 28 copyediting paper 3

Friday, March 30 peer review of written content on project 4, turn in paper 3, process draft

Week 12
Monday, April 2 revision/drafting day project 4. Homework: Talking about global revision

Wednesday, April 4 Conducting a forum contest.

Friday, April 6  global revision 1

Week 13
Monday, April 9 global revision/peer review of one paper

Wednesday, April 11 revision workshop

Friday, April 13 peer review of another early paper

Week 14
Monday, April 16 revision workshop. Natalie, Rebecca, and Michelle K. bring in electronic copies of one revised for forum draft to email to classmates.Homework: read their papers and write a 2-3 paragraph response illustrating constructive changes they may want to make to their papers' content, organization, approach, voice, evidence, opening strategies, etc. Please do not consider grammar yet. We will copy edit papers after they have been revised.

Wednesday, April 18 Workshopping the papers of Natalie, Rebecca, and Michelle K.  You will verbalize some of the comments you made in your response, giving the class (not the writer) a chance to respond to what you have to say, elaborate, or make related points. Ben, Mark, and Emily bring in electronic copies of one of your revisions for forum to email to your classmates. Homework: Read Ben's, Mark's, and Emily's papers and respond to those papers in the manner outlined above. Be prepared to talk through your suggestions in class on Monday.

Friday, April 20 No Class, Library Day

Week 15
Monday, April 23 Workshopping papers by Ben, Mark, and Emily.  Sherreese, Michelle V., and Dominic bring in electronic copy of one revision to email to classmates. Homework: Read and respond in 2-3 paragraphs to Sherreese's, Michelle's, and Dominic's papers in the manner outlined above.

Wednesday, April 25 Workshopping papers by Sherreese, Michelle V., and Dominic. Jeff and Melinda bring in an electronic copy of one revision to email to classmates.
Homework: Read and Respond in 2-3 paragraphs to Jeff's and Melinda's papers.

Friday, April 27 Workshopping Jeff's and Melinda's papers.  Homework: bring in 2 copies of your zine for zine reading day. Read over the portfolio grading standards and sample portfolio's in the 101 course guide. While your reflection should be more sophisticated, pay attention to the ways the writers reflect on their writing processes and on the work they are presenting in their portfolios. Bring in your three revisions for forum drafts for a final copyedit.  We will probably break into groups with each group copyediting a smaller number of drafts, but have or be prepared to email two copies of each of your three drafts.

Week 16
Monday, April 30 reading the zine and webpage drafts...bring in two hard copies of your zine (or just the web page address) so that we can spend the morning reading them...remind me and I'll provide the donuts. Have your four portfolio drafts (hard copies) for peers to take home to copyedit. Homework: bring in all reflections to begin writing the final, portfolio reflection.

Wednesday, May 2 Writing the portfolio reflection and putting it together.

Friday, May 4 LAST DAY OF CLASSES, Copyediting Party for portfolio reflection (return four copyedited drafts to writer). Continue drafting portfolio reflection.


Monday, May 7 Portfolios due in my office between 10-12


Tuesday, May 8 Portfolios due in my office between 12-2...if neither of these times works with your exam schedule, let me know. You must hand deliver your portfolio to me (or get a friend to deliver it for you)...I am not responsible for portfolios left outside my office door or in the English office (& if your portfolio goes missing, that's 60% of your grade gone). When you hand in your work, you will sign a sheet so that I know I have everyone's work in my possession.  You worked hard on these papers, so I encourage you to pick them up in the summer or next fall. Just email me & we'll arrange a time.

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