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How to Create a Syllabus
Writing a Teaching Philosophy
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Internet Writing Guide
Writing for the Web
Internet Classroom Assistant
Conducting a Rhetorical Analysis

Web Design Issues

Make Your Website Section 508 Compliant (a checklist& instructions))
Section 508 (The law)
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ISU's Appropriate Use Policy
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What is a Blog?
Create Your Own at Blog Spot
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The Onion on Blogging
Blog Spot on The Onion Article
Web Junkie Blog
An Article from Wired on Blogs
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Wired Article on Blogs and Presidential Politics
A philosopher talks sports
Example Grad Student--Class Blog
Example Professor Blog
Crooked Timber--an Academic Blog
A Writing Course Blog
A Highly Political (and Locally Operated) Teen Blog

Cool Web Sites

Tom the Dancing Bug
The Onion

The Rhetoric of 9-11 (Video and Audio)
The Drudge Report
Rising Hegemon
Project Vote Smart
Conspiracy Theory Generator
Zine Database

"Propaganda" Sites

Propaganda Re-Mix Project
Poster Parodies
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Pro-War Posters
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Bush in 30 Seconds
Presidential T.V. Ads since 1952
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