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M 8/23

First Class, What is Rhetoric?


Pick up: Course Pack at Rapid Print: basement of Old Union. 

Read: Crowely/Hawhee, pages 7-13, 16-33 & Herrick (CP), pages 1-10 

Read: Course Description, Assignment Descriptions, anything else here that strikes your fancy.

W 8/25

What is Rhetoric: Introduction to types of Rhetoric and the Canons, 

Designing your Rhetoric Blog


Read: Bizzell/Herzberg(CP) 11-19 


M 8/30

What is rhetoric (continued)?

Description of Short Paper #1

web discussion topic (time permitting)

Joining the Discussion/ Beginning your Blog


Read: Crowley, pages 163-199 

Read: Herrick (CP) 20-28 

Begin Thinking About: Short Paper #1 on Ethos

W 9/1

Getting "meta" with political rhetoric"Meta"(philosophy) a prefix meaning a level of description higher.

Ethos President Bush Speaks
Senator John Kerry Speaks

Historical Interlude: Why did Plato hate the Sophists? Why might we love them? 
Sam the Dog

Robinson/Groves (CP) 36-39 Sam the Dog (CP) 40 

Read: 2-3 political Blogs from either the left or the right. Follow the links they offer to the stories they're reporting and read those links.

Read: Bizzell/Herzberg (CP) 29-35 

Write: a description of your Blog. What will it offer readers? What will it do that others won't? What's your angle? What's your beef? What ethos do you wish to invent and how will you do that through your blog?

Read: Documentary Film Maker Michael Moore's web page


M 9/6

Labor DayNo Class



W 9/8

Ethos (continued)

Watch: Convention Keynote Speakers
Barack Obama (democrat at DNC)
Zell Miller (democrat at RNC)

Analysis Crib Sheet (ethos)


Read: Bizzell/Herzberg (CP)41-46
Aristotle (CP) 46-58 


M 9/13

Watch: Michael Moore


Write: Describe Michael Moore's ethos in this movie. Is it situated or invented? Is it effective & why? Is it ineffective & why? 

W 9/15

Watch: Michael Moore

Turn in writing assignment

Read: Quintillian (CP), 59-73 

Read: Read Crowley, pages 205-218


M 9/20


Pathos & emotional appeals & Fundraising Letters & Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech

Grading Standards for Short Papers

Look over Final Project Description (under construction)


Read: Bush's address to the Urban League

Read: Kerry's address to the Urban League

Write (informally): How does each man construct his ethos in these speeches to the same audience? Describe each speaker's ethos, or desired ethos with this audience? Relate your analysis to Quintilian's description of the rhetor. Is this description applicable today? Why or why not?

Begin Thinking About: Short Paper #2

W 9/22


Discuss Short Paper #1 and informal writing assignment

add classmates' blogs to your blog's links

Pathosin class work

Turn in Short Paper #1


M 9/27


A Word about Grades

Revision Policy

15 minutes to design your pathos presentation

presentations & explanations

Getting back to pathos in MLK


Read: Crowley, pages 220-233 

Read: Information on Debate

W 9/29

Logos extrinsic proofs

Preparing to watch the debates


Watch (or tape and watch):
First presidential debate
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL
Thursday, September 30

Find: a newspaper, blog, Internet page, television, radio (one) analysis of the debate. Bring in to class to discuss and write about. 

Consider: the following questions as you watch the first debate: what ethos was Kerry employing here? What ethos was Bush employing? What pathetic appeals did you recognize immediately and what effect might they have had? Who are the media saying "won" the debate and what evidence do they give for this? Did you learn anything about the candidates or their platforms?

Begin: Short Paper #3

Can we really call it a debate?

Top Ten Things They Don't Want You to Know

The Commission on Presidential Debates

Thanks to Joe for finding the 32-page "memorandum of understanding" that contains all of the rules for the debates

Your Debate Strategiesopening statements


M 10/4

Debate Transcript

Sharing Pathos Papers (peer review)

Voting on Debate Strategy Winners

In-class Blog writing about the document you brought to class (how does the writer analyze the candidates' ethos? what criteria used to determine winner? What values expressed by the writer in his/her analysis of the debate? What logical kinds of appeals does the writer make? How does he/she treat the logical appeals of the candidates? What, if anything, is said of the pathetic appeals the candidates made?). If the text you're analyzing is online, use the following html to insert it into your post:

<a href="http://www.addressoftext.com">Name of the text here</a>

In-class group work...share & discuss the text you brought in with the class.


Turn in Short Paper #2  for Peer Review
In-class work on debate and debate analysis. 

Watch (or tape and watch):
Vice presidential debate
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, October 5

Reminder: You should have at least 4 blog entries posted by today. Obviously today's entry counts towards that number. Your blog accounts for 20% of your course grade, and I am checking them weekly, so you must post every week.

W 10/6

Sharing Pathos Topics
Debate analysisDebate Transcript, Logos and Logical Fallacies Cribsheet

Individual work: review the logos/fallacies cribsheet. Read the first 2 exchanges between the candidates and make copious notes on the transcript about how they argue each point. Don't worry if you don't catch everything this time around.

Group Work: look over the crib sheet and review your debate notes. Copy and paste the exchanges we from the transcript into word and use the editinsert comment feature to illustrate points where the candidate uses a particular strategy and where he employs a logical fallacy. Save these and send them to me. Be certain to put the names of your group mates on them. We will discuss these in class.

Turn in Short Paper #2 with Peer Reviewed Draft

Watch (or tape and watch):
Second presidential debate
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Friday, October 8

Find: a newspaper, blog, Internet page, television, radio (one) analysis of the debate. Bring in to class to discuss and write about. 

Find: Bar or restaurant with plenty of TVs where we might meet for the debate next Wednesday

Read: Crowley, pages 36-51

Begin: Short Paper #4








Cribsheet and activities


Watch (or tape and watch):
Third presidential debate
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
Wednesday, October 13 

Read: Herrick (CP) 74-78
Augustine (CP)79-88 

Begin: Short Paper #4



Commonplaces & kairos

Review Kairos activity from last week



Read: Crowley 95-130 

Be prepared to discuss:


KairosThe urgency of here, the urgency of now! Let's see what's happening here, now. Visual rhetoric/performanceClass visit to the Tunnel

Evaluation recap/regroupdiscussion

Turn in Short Paper #3 

Blog & then take a well-earned break



Tunnel recap

Kairos continued

Visual Rhetoric

Evaluation recapLori's response to last week's class evaluation

Final Project Discussion


Homework break #2


Visual rhetoric continuedvisit ISU gallery for tour of The Election Show

Meet at the gallery for tour!


Read: Crowley 278-313 

BlogReview the Blog Standards

M 11/1


Turn in Short Paper #4

Read:Yellin (CP) 89-91, Gremké (CP) 92-98, N.A.(CP) 99-100, Truth (CP) 101 

W 11/3



Journalistic vs Academic Styles

MLA/APA Style Comparison

Sign up for conference


Write/compile/sketch/outline: final project for a peer conference on Monday.

M 11/8

Peer Review #1












Prepping the debates


Blogall blogs completed by 11/19. Blogs completed after this time will not count.

Have a revised or sketched out "draft" of your final project for peer review when we get back.

Have your drafted argument for the debate ready for your group to look over and discuss.


ThanksgivingNo Class




ThanksgivingNo Class




Peer Review #2 & debate prep


Read: Logos Link and visit the link posted to this site (bottom of page) on Figures of Reasoning

Read: Rhetorical Performance Project Standards

Read: Updated Rhetorical Analysis Project Standards (note addition of analytical coverletter standards)


Logos Revisited


End-O-Semester Reminders

M 12/6



To Do: Get your final project as near completion as possible. You may either bring it in to discuss with (or show to) the class or bring in enough information about it that you can explain it to us.

W 12/8

Last Day of Class

wrap up & final project discussion



Turn in final project 414A during our scheduled exam time:

Monday, December 13 anytime between
4-6:30 p.m.

Note: I will not accept final projects after this time.



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Creative Commons License
These course materials
are licensed by Lori Ostergaard under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.