Course Policies

Please familiarize yourself with our course policies and return to them throughout the semester for a refresher. I will not remind you of them, but you are expected to know and follow these policies.


Be there, end of story. You must be present, as participation in discussions and activities will affect your grade. However, I realize that sometimes life happens and you simply cannot make it to class. Thus, you may miss three hours of class time before your grade is adversely affected. After the third hour, each additional hour absent will result in a three (3) point deduction from your average. Please communicate with the me about any absences. While I will never ask you to explain specifics of your absence, I do expect you to act as any professional and inform me of your absence. Students who miss more than ten (10) hours of class will not receive a passing grade for the course. Students who are late more than twenty (20) minutes will receive a one-hour absence. You will be expected to email me the work that was due on the day(s) you missed and to bring a hard copy of that work to the next class meeting.

Late work

I reserve the right NOT to accept late work, and if I do accept your late work, I reserve the right to grade you lower for it or not to grade it at all. I also reserve the right to return late work at my leisure.

Revision policy

because I believe that we learn as much, if not more, about a subject when we revise our work, I will allow you to revise your work for a (possibly) better grade. If you wish to revise one of your minor projects, you must inform me of your intention via email within one week of when I return the work to you. This email should include your revision plan for the work. You will have until the next class (two weeks after the work was returned) to revise your paper and turn in a hard copy to me. Late work may not be revised. Students whose attendance record or participation is less than favorable (two plus classes missed or little to no participation in classroom discussions) will not be allowed to revise work for a better grade.  In other words, the amount of effort, enthusiasm, and time that I put into your work, progress, learning, and grade will be directly determined by the amount of effort, enthusiasm, and time that I see you (as an individual member of this class) put into your own work, progress, learning, and grade. 

Response policy

Part of my job is to provide you with helpful feedback about your work in this class (feedback that goes beyond a simple letter grade).You will notice that my feedback will typically take the form of a summary of what I think you are saying in your paper, a response to the ideas or arguments you advance in your work, and probably several questions for you to think about.You will not see grammar corrections, and I will never use static abstractions like "flow" or "awk" or "improve organization" as I think these responses are less-than-helpful to aspiring rhetors.I also reserve the right not to respond to your work if I think you did not devote much time, energy, or gray matter to your composition: don't expect me to spend more time thinking about your papers than you spent writing them.


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