WRT 340: Contemporary Issues in Writing and Rhetoric

Course Description

Introduction to important past and present issues in the field of writing and rhetoric. Provides a theoretical and historical foundation for understanding current issues, changes, and challenges for the discipline. Satisfies the university general education requirement for a writing intensive course in general education or the major, not both. Prerequisite for writing intensive: completion of the university writing foundation requirement.

Course Objectives

Students in WRT 340 will:

  • Analyze contemporary issues within the larger field of composition-rhetoric and its various subfields (pedagogy, professional writing, and digital media)
  • Analyze rhetorical situations (writer, text, context, purpose, audience) and contexts for research and writing within the field and its subfields (pedagogy, professional writing, and digital media);
  • Study and apply research methods within the field and its subfields (qualitative and quantitative);
  • Identify controversies within the field and its subfields, research those controversies, and locate their own disciplinary position relative to those controversies.

Cross-cutting Capacities

  • Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking