Lori Ostergaard

Assignment Descriptions

Project 1: Rhetorical Analysis 20%

With this first assignment, you will learn to rhetorically analyze a text related to your potential field of study, and you will produce a rhetorically effective and instructive analysis of that text for your peers. Your analysis will be 3-5 pages long, and it will be developed through multiple drafts and a peer review. Grading Standards for Project 1

Project 2: Career/Major Research 20%

For this project you will present a broad profile of your chosen field that moves into a narrow discussion of the communication practices within that field. Your research will include some primary research methods, including at least one interview with a professional in the field. This project will be 4-6 pages long, and it will be developed through multiple drafts and peer reviews. Grading Standards for Project 2

Project 3: Group Multimodal Career/Major Presentation 20%

For this project you will do a rhetorical analysis of a specific audience who needs to know more about your career or major. You will then work with a small group of peers to design a multimodal presentation about your careers/majors for that audience.

Portfolio 10%

For this final project in the class, you will revise a single project you completed earlier in the semester. You will also compose a 4-6 page reflection analyzing the work you have done all semester, what you have learned about writing and rhetoric, and how the information and practices you gained in this class will impact your studies across campus and beyond.

Online Class Work 30%

Online class work will generally be graded on a 4.0 scale and may not be made up or revised for a better grade. Some low-risk online activities will be graded pass/fail. Online work includes the three-times-a-week Moodle work you complete, peer reviews, discussion forums, group activities, collaborative writing, and quizzes. Because this is a collaborative, workshop-style class, most online class work may not be made up if you do not complete it by the deadline or revised for a better grade.