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Weeks 1-3

Why Teach Writing with/in/for New Media?

Week 1:
Read Dunn--"Challenging Theories of Knowing"
Read Selfe--"Literacy and Technology"
Watch Wesch--"A Vision of Students Today"

Week 2:
Read Dunn--"Paulo Friere's Multiple Channels of Communication"
Read Hawisher, et al.--"Becoming Literate in the Information Age"
Watch Wesch--"The Machine is Us/ing Us."

Week 3:
Read Yancey--"Made Not Only in Words"
Watch Wesch--"A Portal to Media Literacy"
Watch Wesch--"Information R/evolution"


Form Research Collectives and establish topic for research.

Download Audacity (and LAME encoder). Take Audacity Tutorial & play with the software. Eventually you will record responses to some of the class texts & create a podcast introducing us to your New Media lesson plan for First-Year Writing.

First Online Class will meet in VoiceThread. Check out one educator's demo here:

Here's another teacher (check out the comments):

You'll receive an invitation to my VoiceThread course introduction & be able to comment (through audio, annotations, and/or text). Last year I used a ning to increase online course interactions, and I'll show you what that ning looked like. But this year, I think it might be more fun and productive to hold an online discussion or two using voicethread instead. We'll see how it goes.

Weeks 4-7

Pedagogical Issues & Resources

Week 4--New Media and Rhetoric:
Read Sheppard--"The Rhetorical Work of Multimedia" OR
Read Lunsford--"Writing, Technologies, and the Fifth Canon"
And Watch Briggs--"A Rhetorical Analysis of 'A Vision of Students Today'"

Week 5--New Media and the Visual:
Read Selfe--"Toward New Media Texts" OR
Read Addison--"Iconoskepticism"

Week 6--New Media and Collaboration:
Read Garza and Hern--"Something Wiki This Way Comes" OR
Read Moxley and Meehan--"Collaboration/Literacy/Authorship"

Week 7--New Media and Plagiarism, Fair Use, Copyright
Read DeVoss and Porter--"Why Napster Matters to Writing" OR
Read Howard--"Understanding 'Internet Plagiarism'"
AND Read/Watch--"Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy Education"

First Technology Workshop Feb 11 (10-11:30) or Saturday Feb 13 (12:00-1:30) on using MovieMaker, audacity, animoto, etc. Be prepared to attend one of these workshops. We will meet in Wilson 400 on OU's main campus.

Begin designing your New Media Assignment for a First-Year Writing Class (WRT 160). By Week 11, you will need to have both your lesson plan for this assignment prepared & a short podcast introducing our class to the assignment, your goals for it, your assessment plan, your questions about the assignment.

You should begin researching your final project for this class.

Week 8 Winter Break begins Saturday, February 20, ends Sunday, Feb. 28

Weeks 9-11

Student Research and Composition with New Media

Texts are peer reviews of your New Media assignments and podcasts. One weekly text will be assigned by each of the graduate students in this class, and they will lead the class discussion/activity for that text.

Week 9: Group Discussion of Research Projects; first text--discussion or activity by Lisa

Week 10: Peer Review of Lisa, Ben, and Laura's new media assignments; second text--discussion or activity by Laura

Week 11: Peer Review of Jonathan, Jesse, and Danielle's new media assignments; last text--discussion or activity by Ben



Online work will be peer reviews of the new media assignments (listening to podcasts, reading new media assignment materials, etc) that you will post in a Moodle forum.

On the date you have been assigned, you will post your materials to Moodle & I will create a separate forum for each of you so we can discuss your work.

More information here.

Weeks 12-15

Wrap Up

Why/why not teach with/in/for New Media?

Week 12: Peer Review of Scott, Amy, Nicole
Read Yancey--"Postmodernism, Palimpsest, and Portfolios"

Week 13: Read Writing in Digital Environments (WIDE)--"Why Teach Digital Writing?"

Week 14: Peer Reviews of Research Projects

Week 15:
Read "CCCC Position Statement on Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Writing in Digital Environments"



Our online work will include peer reviews and revisions of your research projects. If you wish to revise your lesson plans/podcasts, you should do so during this three week block.

WRT 370 students: your philosophies of teaching with new media (500 words) are due during finals week.


Finals Week Research projects are due during finals, as are the WRT 370 students' philosophies and any revisions you wish me to consider for an improved grade.