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Writing 1020: Basic Writing
Writing 1050: Composition I
Writing 1060: Composition II
Writing 2060: Introduction to Writing Studies
Writing 3010: Contemporary Issues in Writing and Rhetoric
Writing 3062: Peer Tutoring in Composition
Writing 3070: Digital Culture
Writing 3073: Digital Storytelling
Writing 3086: Creative Nonfiction
Writing 4908: Persuasive Writing
Writing 5140: Teaching Writing
Writing 5160: Teaching Writing With Ditial Media

Illinois State University

English 283: Rhetorical Theory and Applications
English 246: Advanced Exposition
English 244: Grammar for Writers
English 145: Language and Composition II
English 101: Language and Composition I
English 101: Composition and Critical Inquiry (Pilot Course)

Lincoln College

Communications 302: Techniques of Persuasion