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Writing 160: Composition II

Week 1

Sept 2 - Complete the week-one diagnostic essay. What is a university, who works here, and how do they work? What do we expect of our students at this Doctoral Research-Intensive University?

Week 2

Sept 7 & 9- Introduction to WRT 160 and writing for the university. Why Research? Introduction to the Internet Literacy Assignment and grading standards. Tips for online research, using boleen terms to search google, using google scholar.

Week 3

Sept 14 & 16- Online library research session on Tuesday (in Wilson 400) and the second library session at the library (room 225A) on Thursday. Make certain you are ontime, or even early, for the library session in 225A on Thursday.

Homework: Submit a draft of your paper to Lori (in Moodle) no later than noon on Saturday September 18th.

Week 4

Sept 21 & 23 - Academic/Non-Academic Sources (comparison of magazines & journals).

Peer Review of Internet Literacy Papers. Internet Literacy Papers due in class on Thursday, September 30th. Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography Assignment.

Writing annotations and responses. Citing bibliographic information in APA style. In-class peer review of one source citation/annotation/response.

Week 5

Sept 28 & 30 - MLA & APA Styles Comparing Academic Community Values and Their Writing Styles. Description of the analytical cover letter that you will submit with your first project on Thursday (before 2:30).

Your reading assignment this week is to read and understand OU's academic conduct regulations and to read/understand how to cite sources and prevent plagiarism in your own papers. Take the library's Plagiarism Tutorial and bring your certificate of completion to class on Thursday, Sept. 30th. Internet Literacy Papers due before the beginning of class on Thursday.

Week 6

Oct 5 & 7 - Peer Review of Annotated Bibliographies on Thursday, October 7th. Longer introduction to Academic Compositions. Working with sources, using your summary and response skills, including in-text citations, and following the rules for academic honesty.

Week 7

Oct 12 & 14 - Drafting your Academic Composition's "Introduction," "Description," and "Review of Relevant Research" sections. Peer reviews of these drafts.

Annotated Bibliographies due on Thursday, October 14th no later than 5:00 pm.

No "real" class on October 14th. Instead we will have an online, asynchronous class where you will peer review the first 3 parts of your academic compositions. Drafts of the first 3 sections of your Academic Composition are due posted to the Moodle Forum by Friday at midnight. You will then have until Tuesday at 2pm to peer review the drafts of the people in your peer review group.

Week 8

Oct 19 & 21 - Drafting your Academic Composition's "Analysis," "Conclusions," and "References" sections. Peer reviews of these drafts.

An early draft of your academic composition is due to Lori no later than noon on Saturday, October 23rd.

A full-draft of your Academic Composition is due on Tuesday, October 26th for a peer review.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Tim Wu, one of the co-authors of our textbook, Who Controls the Internet, will be on campus to discuss his work and take questions on October 21 from 10-11am. His talk will be held in the OC, Banquet Room A. If you attend this talk, you will have an opportunity to get extra credit by writing a short summary and response about Wu's lecture.

Week 9

Oct 26 & 28 - Peer Review of Academic Compositions on Tuesday. Rather than attend class on Thursday, October 28th, you will attend a 15-20 minute conference with me about your academic composition.

Academic Compositions due November 4. You will submit these online with your analytical cover letters.

Read about the New Media Composition and begin gathering resources (images, sounds, music, video, etc). Bring your materials to class on Tuesday, November 2nd for an introduction to Movie-Maker and Audacity.

Week 10

Nov 2 & 4 - Academic Compositions due Thursday. Introduction to Movie-Maker and Audacity. In-class work on New Media Compositions. New Media Compositions due for peer review on November 11th.

Week 11

Nov 9 & 11: Peer Reviews of New Media Compositions on Thursday, November 11th. Introduction to the Portfolio Assignment.

Week 12

Nov 16 & 18: Making your revisions count; composing the portfolio introduction; putting it all together in electronic form.

Online Class on Thursday, November 18: Peer Reviews of Portfolio Introductions.

Week 13

Nov 23 & 25 - Peer reviews for portfolio revisions on Tuesday, November 23. Teacher evaluations completed. No class on Thursday, November 25th: Happy Thanksgiving!

Festival of Writers--Monday, November 29th!

Week 14

Nov 31 & Dec 2 - Tuesday: in-class work on portfolios. Thursday: presentations of New Media Compositions & submission of final portfolios. Copy-edited introductions and all portfolio revisions are due in your portfolio no later than the beginning of class time on December 2. Your portfolio will be submitted in electronic form on a disc that includes your full name, the CRN for this class, and the date.